Friday, July 1, 2016

Road Trip

The other day I began a "road trip" with a friend of mine.  We left New York and headed for North Carolina.  As we drove we kept talking about the scenery and how lush everything looked.  It was a beautiful drive.  Last night we realized that we had been in seven states already.  After spending time in the pool we took off on a little ride through the surrounding area.  It was nice to drive around and see some of the area.  We weren't out long but still had the sense that we accomplished something as we tried a different route home and did not get lost.  The pace of life in North Carolina is so different from what we experience at home.  It is a great realization that it is okay to slow down and enjoy the sights.  We are so accustomed to racing around that it really stands out when you have the time to just be.  I am so enjoying this time of just living in the moment.  May we all take some time these days to enjoy the moment and the gifts we are given!

Pat Schifini, OSU

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