Sunday, July 10, 2016

Prayer Vigil

Last night we attended a prayer vigil here in Louisville, Kentucky.  We were led to believe that the prayer was for both the officers in Dallas and the lives that were lost in other acts of violence.  It was a moving experience on many levels.  The tragedy in Dallas is heart wrenching and we need to pray for all both survivors and victims.  What struck me most was when an African American family came and there was no mention of lives lost in violence.  One of the young women was visibly upset and angered by this.  She was comforted by her family as well as several of the Ursuline sisters who were present.  Many of us remained with her after the prayer service ended and she was finally able to be interviewed.  When she was interviewed she was poised and calm and was able to speak her truth.  I realized the pain that so many feel and the reality that we need to pray for all as all lives matter.  Let us take time today to pray for peace in our nation and spread the word that we need to embrace peace and not violence.

Pat Schifini, OSU

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