Sunday, July 17, 2016

Leave Taking

Change is something that many people struggle with but change is good as it often leads to new life.  Following the words of our foundress, St. Angela Merici, “To respond to the needs of the times” we are in Malone, New York this weekend to say goodbye to a place we have ministered in for 118 years.  For the past 118 years the Ursuline Sisters have served faithfully and generously in a variety of ministries – education, pastoral outreach, religious education, prison ministry, advocacy and many other areas.  Our sisters have served faithfully and joyfully and are leaving an incredible legacy behind.  The Ursulines may no longer be physically present in Malone but their spirit will live on in all whose lives they have touched.  Our Ursuline Lay Associates will continue to bring the spirit and mission of St. Angela in their daily living as they continue to spread the gospel to others.  Malone will always remain a part of our history and we are very grateful for all of the love and support that have been shown to the Ursuline sisters over the years.  May we always remember to “Cultivate the vine entrusted to us!”

Pat Schifini, OSU

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