Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nuns on the Bus

Yesterday we returned home after our 12 day road trip having driven through an additional 5 states.  There are so many beautiful places in our country! Today another road trip begins!

Last night there was a kickoff for the Nuns on the Bus road trip with a Pre-Launch blessing at the First Unitarian Society in Madison, WI.  The rally will kick off today in Janesville, WI.  This year’s theme is “Calling on Elected Officials and Candidates to Mend the Gaps!”

The bus will travel to both the Republican and Democratic Conventions where they will educate people on the gaps that we are experiencing in our society and the hope to bridge the divides. The goal is to bring a politics of inclusion to divided places, change the conversation to mending the vast economic and social divides in our country, and counter political incivility with our message of inclusion.

Let us pray for all those who will participate on this trip that their travel will be blessed by great results, safe travel and open hearts and minds.

Pat Schifini, OSU

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