Thursday, March 31, 2016

Walking by the Water

When I was out walking I had the opportunity to walk by the water and I found myself reflecting on the post Easter Scripture readings.  It was a rather profound experience as I gazed out on the water.  The water was quite serene and there was a rather gentle breeze.  As I looked at the water I found myself wondering, “Is this what the disciples felt after Jesus’ death?”  Gentle breezes and peace is what I experienced.  After Jesus’ death the disciples were in a state of mourning and despair.  They did not realize that Jesus was still very much present to them.  We all need to remember that Jesus is always with us and wants to walk with us and talk with us.  It is not just in the great moments that we feel his presence it is in the daily and routine events.  As we continue the journey to Pentecost let us remember to feel Jesus’ presence and experience His abundant love in every moment of every day.  Let us keep on keeping on with hearts full of love and hope.

Pat Schifini, OSU

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