Thursday, March 3, 2016

Letting Go of Past Hurts

“Isn’t it time you got over that?”- How many of us have been asked that or perhaps we’ve been the one to exclaim it in frustration with a friend or family member who just can’t seem to move on from a difficult situation. Anger is a normal and common human emotion. Yet, in some cases we hold onto that anger for a long time. The truth is, under all of that anger, we are deeply hurt. Perhaps it was what someone said to us, or maybe what they did to us, either way, we can’t seem to move past it. We think we are punishing that other person by keeping our distance but really, we are really hurting ourselves. I remember so clearly when my grandmother taught us the importance of forgiveness and moving forward.  She always told us to let go of being angry as it was too great a burden.

Letting go is a process that one needs to engage in for peace of mind.  It requires conscious effort and prayer.  Lent is the perfect time to practice “letting go.”  Our faith encourages us to place our trust and hope in our God who loves us more than anything.  As we let go of the things that burden us we will experience how incredibly more light we will feel.  Take time this Lent to “Let Go and Let God!”

Pat Schifini, OSU

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