Thursday, March 10, 2016

National Catholic Sisters Week

This week we celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week.  National Catholic Sisters Week is an annual celebration that takes place from March 8–14. Created to honor women religious, it is a series of events that instruct, enlighten, and bring greater focus to the lives of these incredible women. It’s our chance to recognize all they have done for us.  

When I thought about my first introduction to women religious I was brought back to many happy memories.  I recalled the happy memories of the sisters who taught me in elementary school, high school and college.  Each sister who taught me shared who she was and taught me more than academics.   The women who modeled faith for me helped me to grow to who I am today.  If it weren’t for these women I am not sure I would be the confident, caring, faith filled and capable woman I am today.  I thank God for these role models and pray that I can be a model for my students’ today.  As we celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week perhaps it is a good time to recall those sisters who have impacted our lives and thank God for the gift they have been.  May there be many women who will follow the call and embrace religious life.

Pat Schifini, OSU

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