Saturday, February 17, 2018

Innocence and Wonder

Today I had the experience of watching total innocence and childhood wonder.  My friends had asked me to watch their three year old twin sons for a few hours.  It seemed best to take them for a car ride as they did not want to just stay home.  As we drove there was an unending series of questions from the back seat and then it got very quiet and I now had two sleeping passengers.  They slept for a good hour and when we arrived at our first location they woke up as quickly as they fell asleep.  We were going to have lunch at a diner.  They were so inquisitive at all the sights and sounds around them and asked more questions.  Once their food came they began to eat and were having a really nice time.  We then stopped at the store and the fun began – they wanted everything.  I purposely avoided the toy aisle as I am not good at saying “no” to them.  What was so nice was how sweet they were to others – saying hi and please and thank you.  I thought of all the events of this past week and was struck that they have no clue as to what has happened in our world.  Today was one of those days, slightly busy but full of grace which makes it all worth while.

Pat Schifini, OSU