Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weather Struggles

Last week, it was very hot in New York City-high 90s each day but with humidity, the heat index was well into the 100s.  It was really miserable.  Today, though it is much cooler in the upper 60s.  I heard that in Malone, NY, it was 34 degrees this am.  Wow!

All last week, we complained of the heat and today I even heard someone say they were chilly.  Honestly, I was very hot and uncomfortable last week, but today I am just right.

I am struck by the fact that we can have such huge differences in temperture in such a short amount of time and in the same state.

When I was a child growing up, I went to the Catskills all summer long and we do not have air conditioning in our bungalow.  I was in that same Catskills resort this weekend and was grateful for the air-conditioning and am unsure if I would have survived staying there without it.

However, I don't remember it being as hot when I was a child.  But people are telling me it wasn't-the temperature nowadays are just extreme.

This is making me realize that something is happening within our atmosphere-the talk about climate change and global warming is true.  These are topics I have heard about but haven't paid attention to; however the recent weather is causing me to think I better!!