Saturday, May 5, 2012

Physical Pain

Recently, I suffered some muscle spasms in my lower back area that caused me a lot of pain.  I ended up having to take off a week from work and mainly found myself either sitting down watching t.v. or falling asleep due to the muscle relaxer and pain killer medicine I was on.  I couldn't concentrate to read and was not too interested in socializing with many people.  My pain has lessened a bit and I hope to be at work on Monday, May 7th.  Throughout this week, I would wince in pain each time, I had to do any type of bending.  It was hard to put on my pants and I was unable to tie my own sneakers for a few days. 

These restrictions caused me to think about people who are in pain constantly and also I thought of people who need constant help with daily living skills of dressing, washing oneself and help getting in and out of beds or chairs.  It made me realize how fortunate I have been in my life and how important is it to take care of one's body.  God gave me life and I must take care of myself as a way to show gratitude for all God has given me.

That means I must eat healthier foods, try to lose weight, exercise, take time to work, relax at times, pray by myself and at times be with other people.  In many ways, I think this back and leg pain was sent as a message to me that I must start taking better care of my physical body. As someone who is working on a PhD, I am constantly exercising my brain, but what about my body?  Honestly, not as much.  I am off to physical therapy Monday and hopefully this experience will begin to show me how to exercise and use certain muscles which God has given me.

Sr. Jeannie