Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to School Time

Both Sr. Pat and I work in our two Ursuline Schools in New York. Pat is Campus Minister and Religion Teacher at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, NY.  I am just beginning my tenure as principal of the Academy of Mount. St. Ursula in the Bronx.  Both of us love what we do and are very interested in education and the growth and development of young women.

Today is Labor Day in the United States-it's the last day of vacation for us before we go back to school tomorrow for faculty conference days.

We hope this 2014-2015 academic year will be a rewarding and life-giving one for all administration, faculty, staff, students and families in all the different school communities around the world.

Education, School, Learning, Broader Global View, Values, Discipline, Organization, Study, Friends, Conversations, Discussion, Debates, Writing papers, Grading work and exams, Preparing lessons, Studying for exams, Reviewing class notes-all these words make up the events of one's school life.

Best of luck for the new school year!!

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, osu