Saturday, February 22, 2014

First Impressions

This winter in lower New York's State's Westchester County has been hard.  All we have been having it seems is snow, ice and cold.  Mounds of snow are everywhere.  It's beautiful to look at it when it first comes down and in areas where there is grass and trees-but once cars and people start walking and moving it around, it gets dirty and doesn't look so nice.

This makes me reflect on first impressions and how important they are.  But then also how they can not always be the full person's true self.  As a teacher of graduate education students, I'm constantly talking about how one's first impression to a principal, fellow colleague, parent and child is so vital and critical.  While this is true-just like when I first see snow-I'm taken away by it's natural beauty, the cleanliness and clearness it seems to provides.  Snow also makes me just want to sit by the window with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and just reflect.  In many ways, it makes me want to do nothing and just be-Now just being -that's important,  but honestly I don't always just be-too often I just do.  I'm reminded of a song used at morning prayer at times by some of my Ursuline Sister-Just to be is a blessing, Just to be is holy!

As I deal with this messy snow now and have to keep digging my car out, watching for black ice and trying to not slip, I must remember the vastness and openness that the snow first provided me and be thankful for that.

I have to remember when a person upsets me-I have to think back to other times I've been with that person and what did I look like about him or her and what good points this person has. After all, all of us have our positive and negative sides and being human is accepting them in ourselves and others.

Blessing for a great weekend!!

Love, Sr. Jeannie