Friday, October 1, 2010

Standing on the Shoulders

One of my favorite songs is one by Earth Mama - "Standing on the Shoulders". It talks about how we are standing on the shoulders of the ones who went before us and we are grateful for their vision and for their toiling on this earth. It is what helps us celebrate today and be so blessed. Therefore we will work a little harder to make our shoulders stronger for the ones who will follow us.

Tomorrow, (October 1st) my province - Ursulines of the Roman Union-Eastern Province, US is celebrating the 475th anniversary of the starting and founding of the Ursulines by St. Angela Merici. We are gathering at Beckwithe Pointe in New Rochelle with our many associates, colleagues, families, friends, former students and ourselves. It should be a great day of celebration, honoring, blessing and being together.

As we prepare for it I think of the women who have gone before me-Angela, Marie of the Incarnation, Mother Dominic Weiss, Mother Irene Gill, Mother Stanislaus, Mother Amadeus Dunne, Sr. Catherine Marie Jordan, Sr. Jerome Murray, Sr. Regina, Sr. Bea, my grandmother Mary Welby and my mom Angela Humphries- I am grateful for all they have given me and done to make this world a better place for me.

I also think of the women who are on this journey with me- the many Ursulines and friends who support me, particularly Mary, Ellie, Mary, Maureen, Pat, KM, Mo, Ann, Alice, Helene, Christina and so on-I am grateful for their presence and collaborative efforts to make this world more peaceful and just today.

Plus I think of the many who will follow me hopefully and be continuously touched by Angela's spirit - Kyra, Charlotte, Penelope, Shannan, Frankie, Emily, Abby and so on-All my efforts will hopefuly make their future a little brighter.

I feel so blessed and loved. Thank you, God and thank you Earth Mama for a song which touches my heart in such a deep way.

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, osu

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