Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well Said-Children's Words of Wisdom

The title for today's blog entry is also a title for a little book written by one of our Ursulines, Sr. Bridget Haase, osu, who currently lives in Dedham, Massachusetts. It is a little book which contains many delightful quotes and humorous sayings from children around the globe-Mexico, Appalachia, inner-city and suburban United States, Senegal,and Sudan. Sr. Bridget came across these children through her many years of teaching. Thanks to this book, you catch a glimpse what children might be seeing, thinking, feeling, and wondering.

I just love it!!! Here are some great excerpts from it:

"Sometimes life's confusing. Like getting called on to read out loud. You think you know where people are, but you really lost the place." - Leon, 9

"Life's one thing you can't do alone." - Loretta Mary, 11

"Loving costs, but it pays a lot, too." - Berwyn, 10

"Do you think my daddy could be God's little brother? He's real good to me, and I think he learned it from God." - Seraph, 6

"Sometimes my heart's words become a song to God. That's called prayer." - Estelle 11

This wonderful book is put out by St. Anthony Messenger Press. Check it out if you can.

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, osu

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