Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have to admit I am a real city girl-born and raised in the Bronx- lived in apartments till I entered the convent. I always traveled by bus, subway, cab and foot. During my adult years, I was always in my car. Now I'm living in Soho, Manhattan and traveling via subway to work, school and home.

During today's prayer time, I came across the following quote:

Glance at the sun. See the moon and the stars. Gaze at the beauty of earth's greenings. Now, think What delight God gives to humankind with all these things. All nature is at the disposal of humankind. We are to work with it. For without it, we can not survive.
- St. Hildegard of Bingen

I began to realize when I reflected how I take nature for granted and don't always take time to sit in the grass, smell the flowers and enjoy the cool breezes from the water. I need to start doing that more so I can survive my busy year of dissertation writing and teaching.

Sr. Jeannie

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