Friday, September 10, 2010

A 3 Minute Online Retreat

My Ursuline Sisters of the Eastern Province of the United States Roman Union Ursulines is in the process of reconfiguring with 3 other provinces to become a new single province in the United States. Each member is involved in Self-Organizing Groups on topics related to our life and how we want them to be in our new "life". Some sisters are also involved in Deep Dive Groups where we are being asked to look deeply and closely at certain topics.

I am involved in the New Membership Deep Dive with 3 other sisters. The other day, on an email, one of the sisters Mary Beth Read, osu was thanking Jean Hopman, osu for information on Loyola Press 3 Minute Retreats. Mary Beth is currently in parish work at St. John the Baptist in Yonkers, NY and Jean works as an editor for Loyola Press. Jean had been sharing with Mary Beth some information about how Loyola Press could help her with resources for her ministry. One resource she shared was the 3 Minute Online Retreats that Loyola Press offers daily. So I decided to look it up and now have that sent to my email each day. So I start my day off with this prayer, look at it throughout the day again and look again once before I go to bed. I love it.

Please check out Go to Online Community and scroll down to 3 Minute Retreat.

This program has enriched my prayer life. I hope you will experience the same.

Sr. Jeannie, osu

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