Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My alma mater, the College of New Rochelle, held a reunion on Saturday, June 9th for all classes ending in '2 and '7.  It was not my reunion year since I graduated in 1993.  However, I met up late Friday night for drink and conversation with 5 members of the class of 1992.  I knew many of them since they were just a year ahead of me. It was great chatting with them and hearing about their lives.  All are in significant relationships and 4 have children.  They discussed child-rearing and the challenges and joys it brings.

Part of the conversation also focused on the teachers/staff members of CNR who made a difference in their lives.  One spoke about how a certain professor's readings of poetry was so powerful for her.  Another spoke about how one professor's belief in her made all the difference in how she was willing to put forth extra effort on assignments.  Also one of the women spoke too about how the campus minister came to her wedding and was so helpful in the planning of it.

I'm a teacher and starting in September, I won't be teaching elementary-aged children anymore.  Instead I will be teaching undergraduates and graduates in college.  I must remember that what I say and do will be remembered by my students years later.  So I better come prepared for class and treat all with respect and dignity.

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, osu

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