Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Brakes Fixed/Taking a Break

On Friday, I zoomed into the garage where I take my car to have its oil changed and any other maintenance work completed.  The men there are always so great.  They pretty much take my car when I arrive even if I don't have an appointment and usually it's ready within the hour. 

The garage is right near some mini shopping centers so I run into the drugstores, supermarket etc when I'm there and take care of my errands.  Well on Friday, they were done in about 30 minutes and the man called to say that my car needs new brakes-not immediately, but soon. So I ask if I can bring the car in on Monday morning and he readily agrees saying they will have it down my noontime. What immediately goes through my head is while how I will occupy my time for 4 hours.  The garage is a good walk from house but a real short walk from our provincialate office building.    I think while what work can I bring to the provincialate so I won't be wasting time.

I'm  been up for about an hour this morning and have been praying and thinking.  What kept coming to my mind was the the following thought-The car needs brakes and it is okay for me to take a short break too.  Perhaps I don't need to plan so much work for those four hours.  Brake and break-homophones-using my skills as an English Language Arts Teacher always.

God's words came to me through the car mechanic.  You never know where you will hear God speaking-so make sure to listen and reflect.

Jeannie Humphries, osu

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