Monday, May 9, 2016

The Sun Returns

Today is the first day in at least a week when we had the privilege of seeing something we have been missing these days – the sun! It was such a beautiful sight this morning as I drove to work to watch it come up over Long Island Sound.  As I drove I realized just how much I missed seeing it these days and felt a great deal of gratitude as the morning light got brighter and brighter.  When I reached school I sat in the car for a few moments and felt tremendous gratitude for the sun that was on the leaves and grass.  As I pondered it all I realized how much more alive everything looked this morning and how much greener everything is.  The grass was lush after all the rain and looked fresh and new.  I quickly became aware of the life inside of the school building as there was a very different level of energy than last week.  Everyone was saying how happy they were that the sun finally came out.  Let us remember in the days ahead to be grateful for the little things and to remember that all is gift.

Pat Schifini, OSU

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