Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Crowning

Today we had our annual May Crowning with the students in our Middle School.  As I prepared for today’s Prayer Service I was reminded of my first "Catholic" memory and my first memory as a Catholic: May Crowning. The song resonates in my head:
Hail, holy Queen enthroned above, oh Maria.
Hail, mother of mercy and of love, oh Maria.
Triumph all ye cherubim, Sing with us ye seraphim.
Heaven and earth resound the hymn.
  Salve, Salve, Salve Regina.
 As we sang this earlier today my spirit was once again lifted and I recalled the many May Crowning’s I have been a part of over the years.  Our school tradition is that the oldest child in the Middle School has the privilege of placing the crown of flowers on the statue of our Lady.  This morning as we prayed we honored the reality that Mary is truly the queen of heaven and earth.  May all recall this act of reverence as showing our love for Mary and our gratitude that we are truly the children of God.
Pat Schifini, OSU

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