Monday, May 13, 2013

Small Changes = Big Results

Yesterday, I received a Weight Watchers magazine in the mail.  My weight is a constant struggle for me.  I think this magazine came free to me because I just recently bought clothes in a "big women" store.

On the cover, there is an advertisement for an article that gives you advice on how you can make small changes in your lifestyle with regards to eating and exercising and this can lead to big results if you keep those small changes consistent.

I thought today about those words: Small Changes = Big Results. and how they apply to many areas of my life.

Small changes of going to bed earlier each night will help me get more sleep.
Small changes of adding a few minutes to my prayer time will hopefully allow me to spend more time on my relationship with Jesus.
Small changes of turning off computer earlier in night will allow me to get other tasks accomplished.
Small changes of taking time to notice the good around will erase some of my negative thoughts at times.

All these small changes will lead hopefully to big results of a better rested, prayerful, well-rounded and grounded woman.

I'm going to give this small changes a try and let you know about the big results later.

How about you?

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, ous

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