Tuesday, May 28, 2013


In the house where I had my novitiate training, we had in the kitchen a picture very similar to this.

Those words,  home is where the heart is, keep coming back to me. Currently, I'm visiting my Ursuline Sisters and friends in Malone, NY.  I spent four wonderful years in this town living with other Ursuline Sisters, teaching at the local public school and made many dear friends.  So many say Welcome Home to me when they see me up here and I have to admit I do feel at home-part of my heart is here.

However, parts of my heart can also be found in Soho, NYC, the Bronx, New Rochelle and other places that I have lived in and places where I have worked-SPN, Cooke Center, St. Ignatius. 

I guess that part of loving is sharing your heart and you always leave a piece behind. But I'm very fortunate I still get to touch into those home places through visits, memories and contacts with people via phone, Skype, or Facebook.

Thank you God for giving me so many homes and for allowing my heart to get touched!!

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, osu

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