Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today, I invited one of our sisters, Ann Duggan, osu over for lunch. Ann worked with Catholic Relief Services for close to 20 years. At one point she was in charge of the African Region. She spoke about how she became connected to that work. She was working as a translator at our Generalate in Rome and was invited to work with other religious communities to be a translator too and was also asked to work at meetings for doctors and teachers. Sr. Ann spoke about how enriching and eye-opening it was for her. These meetings though sparked a real desire in her to go see more of the world and get a broader experience of people. She loved her work tremendously.
Her use of the words "get a broader experience" reminded me of how Ursuline education is always talking about having a broader/global view of the world. I think that is so important. We are an international community of sisters all around the world, Australia, Cameroon, Senegal, England, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, England, Mexico, Peru, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Germany etc...... So when learning about one of those places or hearing about events there, I always picture some of our sisters who I have the fortunate chance to meet at international meetings or visits.

I'm grateful for that Global View.

 Sr. Jeannie

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