Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Lady's Garden

On April 22nd, the day before Earth Day, students from Mount St, Ursula and residents of Serviam Gardens met to weed, cultivate and plant in Our Lady’s Garden which lies between the school and Serviam Gardens. There are beautiful plants now that enhance this special space and are signs of all that flowered in the shared conversation and activity that day.

Led by Dr. Tiwari, Chairperson of the Science Department, students and residents together cleared the land and planted a small tree and many flowers. Each person was able to chose a special flower to plant and students and residents hope to tend their own part of the garden in the days to come.

When asked what they had learned, the freshmen remarked
• about realizing that “weeds grow faster than plants” ,
• that it was enjoyable to “learn about different ethnicities and cultures by working with our Senior Citizen neighbors.”
• that, “even though we worked hard, it helps our school look pretty and we have a memory and can look forward to coming back in years to come for alumnae reunions and finding our plants and trees still here.

Dr. Tiwari, chairperson of the Science Department, directed this whole effort and students said that he made it educational and entertaining at the same time.
Written By Sr. Alice Marie Giordano, osu

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