Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrating 365 years of Religious Profession!

On Saturday, May 8th five of our sisters celebrated the anniversary of their religious profession. Three were celebrating 75 years and two were celebrating 70 years. The celebration took place at Andrus on Hudson, a nursing home where twenty six of our sisters live. These five women have served in many different ministries. From teacher, to missionary, principal, advocacy for the poor, and even a travel agent.

It was wonderful to gather as a province and celebrate with a liturgy and luncheon. The witness of these women over the years has been an inspiration to many people. They continue to minister to others through their ministry of prayer. We wish them all Ad Multos Annos.

Sr. Pat


  1. Please include the names

  2. Srs. Michelle Guerin, Florence Marie Kretz, Mary Thomas Maloney, Kathryn Fitz-Gerald and Regina Gagnier were our celebrants.