Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rebirth, Renewal and Rejoice

On Easter Sunday, I received an e-card from a friend and the message was all about those three words mentioned above-Rebirth, Renewal and Rejoice. Seeing those words together made me realize how important it is to constantly have hope and energy about life.

Every day is a new beginning and with this wonderful weather we have been having, I definitely feel a sense of renewal. I just have to start living out of that mode too. That can be hard to do with all the sad and difficult issues going on in our world, but I belive God is among that too.

What ways do you try to live a Life of Hope filled with Rebirth, Renewal and Rejoicing?

I think of all the good things happening and all the great people in my life. Plus I just look at a little child's smile and it energizes me right away!!

Sr. Jeannie

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