Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!!!!

The Ursuline Sisters would like to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day. Just think of all we receive from the Earth and how much we depend on it for our life and well-being!!

The nice weather we have been having lately reminds me of how important "the outdoors" is to my mental well being. After taking a walk and getting some fresh air, sun and seeing grass and flower, I always feel better and more energized. It's important to remember this as I go about my daily life's activities and try to use our resources more wisely and not add to our world's pollution and waste.

Right now, I am thinking of how the small random acts of kindness make such a difference in people's lives. Therefore, I am going to work on trying to do random acts of Earth care such as picking up a piece of litter off the street, walking sometimes or carpooling instead of driving my car, planning ahead so I'm doing 2 or 3 errands when out driving, and using less plastic and paper.

What random acts of Earth care can you add to your lifestyle?

Sr. Jeannie

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