Thursday, March 23, 2017

Listening Heart

Today is a good day to think about praying for a listening heart.  To have a listening heart is to be attuned to the voice of God as He does His work in us.  It is to be attuned to His will as His Spirit is guiding us to live a good life-one which is pleasing to Him.

We can also enhance the gift of listening in our everyday lives as we become more aware of how we respond to our parents and teachers and how we hear what they are saying to us.  Our friends also need us to listen to them.  We all know how much better we feel if we think someone is truly listening to what we are saying.

Listening closely to what is being said to us helps us to examine what is happening in our lives and, in addition, helps us to grow both in our faith lives and our social lives.

KM Donohue, OSU

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