Saturday, February 25, 2017

Artisans of Peace

Pope Francis says, “Nothing is impossible if we turn to God in prayer.  Everyone can be an artisan of peace.”  As if reflected on this simple statement I began to realize how really complex it is.  Turning to God in prayer is something most people do each day.  Whether it is traditional prayers, spontaneous prayers, prayers in time of need or truly heartfelt prayers turning to God is something we learn at an early age.  The call to be an artisan of peace is a bit more challenging for we live in a very complicated world.  Right now our world is full of darkness and hate yet at the same time there is a call to hope.

As we approach the season of Lent in a few days perhaps it is a good time to contemplate how each one of us can become an artisan of peace.  We are each called to spread God’s message of faith, hope and love and to live virtuous lives.   A virtue is a habitual and firm disposition to do the good. It allows the person not only to perform good acts, but to give the best of themselves. The virtuous person looks toward the good with all their sensory and spiritual powers; they pursue the good and choose it in concrete actions.  As we live virtuous lives we live in the way that our loving God desires us to.  Begin each day with the desire to be an artisan of peace.

Pat Schifini, OSU

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