Saturday, August 9, 2014

Being Together

I just returned from some time in Seattle with friends from Giving Voice, a group of younger women religious under the age of 50.  We hosted a 40s retreat there and had a wonderful time. We shared about our childhood, call to religious life and what it is like living as a woman religious today.  It was so great to be with peers-that is not always the case in religious life. But this gathering showed me there are others like me with the same heart tugs, struggles, challenges and joys.  It was such a life-giving experience for me.  We shopped, talked, ate, played, drank, swam, barbecued, cleaned, and went out on paddleboats on the Lake right outside our back door.  Laughter was present throughout our time together.  Thank God that I am able to periodically gather with these other younger women religious. They reinforce my call and desire to live out my religious vocation as an Ursuline Sister.

Sr. Jeannie

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