Monday, September 24, 2012

Nuns on the Ferry

Today I attended the Nuns on the Ferry Rally in NYC. 

We heard Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS, talk about the importance of a faithful budget for our country.  It would provide reasonable revenue for responsible programs, put American back to work rebuilding our roads, bridges and schools and that all people pay their fair share of taxes.  We want to affirm the life of all God's Children.

Sr. Simone spoke on the Manhattan side of the ferry and then a crowd climbed onto the Staten Island Ferry where we went and sat on Borough Hall's steps where Sr. Simone spoke again and so did various community leaders of both the civic and faith communities.  It was great to be with so many people who are working for the dignity of the human person and truly caring for all as brothers and sisters. 

The Nuns of the Ferry event is  branch from the Nuns on the Bus movement which focuses on faith, family and fairness. Check it all out on

Here's some pictures from today. First you will see Sr. Simone, then Sr. Maureen Welch, OSU who was with me today and then one of me.  Next to me you can catch a bit of Sr. Aine  O' Connor, RSM. You will also see a picture of Sr. Geraldine Kennedy, osu with Sr. Simone and one of  group of us -myself, Sr. Maureen Welch osu, Sr. Germaine Price, osu and standing up you see Sr. Michele Morek, osu. I wish we had one of Sr. Alice Marie Giordano, osu but she was busy being our photographer.   Enjoy!!

Sr. Jeannie, osu

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