Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrating a wonderful life!

Today we celebrated the life of Sr. Agnes Neville formerly known as Sr. Bernadette who died peacefully on June 2nd. Agnes had a long life of 84 years and touched so many hearts along the way. She was a teacher, principal, community superior, tutor, and teacher assistant. Besides being a wise teacher throughout her career she was also known for her unique sense of humor. She loved the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.

For the past few days at school we have shared with one another our love for and stories about Agnes. She was a truly gentle soul who touched all who came in contact with her. Agnes loved her students, her co-workers, her friends and her beloved brother Joseph. Joe was the main celebrant at her funeral today. People came from far and near to celebrate the life of this wonderful woman.

One of the most touching memories that was shared with all of us was when Agnes was told she would need to move on the Andrus Nursing Home. Her response was one that mirrored how she lived her life. She said, "Tell God, I say yes!" What an inspirational response and one that we can all take a lesson from.

Agnes, as you enjoy eternal life, look down on us and give us the encouragement we need to face the big decisions as graciously as you did. May the angels lead you into paradise and the marytrs welcome you home! We love you and we thank you!

Sr. Pat

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