Monday, June 20, 2011

Awards Assembly/Essay Contests/Moving Up Cermonies

Here in New York, schools have either just finished or are in the process of completing their school year. That means students are being recognized for their many accomplishments throughout the school year. Teachers are thinking about each child and their class as they come up with names for awards and ways to recognize students.

I keep being reminded of Angela's words:

Have engraved on your mind and heart all your dear daughters, one by one; not only their names, but also their conditions, and character, and their every situation and state. Have them depicted individually in your memory and in your heart.

Of course, Angela said daughters because she was referring to those women in her company; but I believe we can take daughters and substitute students, sisters, brothers, parishioners, or any creation that we are connected to in this world.

Respect for others and connection to others are an important part of Angela's legacy to us.

Thank you Angela, and help us share your wisdom with others.

Sr. Jeannie

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