Sunday, March 13, 2011

Words that give me HOPE

The Ursuline Sisters are part of the Leadership Conference for Women Religious. They put out a publication called The Occasional Papers. I just finished reading their Winter 2011 edition which focuses on "Behold I am Doing Something New".

Nancy Schreck, OSF wrote an article titled The Journey to Newness: Mining the Wisdom of Exilic Literature. Here's a great quote from it.

"This is a critical time in religious life for exploring our deepest identity, not our more recent past. Our call is to understand ourselves, not from a period when we were a labor force in the church, but an earlier time of our prophetic identity, our deepest foundation, to a time when we were free to be the expression of our founders' wildest vision."

This makes me realize that I have to turn more to Angela:

The woman who said no the the Pope
The woman who created a third lifestyle option for women in the Church (not married or cloistered, but living among the people)
Angela who crossed a dangerous bridge
The woman who had a man secretary in 1535!!.

I need to ask her advice on ways we can live out that wildest vision in today's time. My prayer time is going to be really busy now!!

More to follow.

Sr. Jeannie, osu

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