Friday, February 11, 2011

Praying with Angela

We have a little book titled Praying with Angela
published by Editions du Signe.

In it, there are Angela quotes and also prayers connected to them.

Here is one that touched me today.

Words of St. Angela Merici:

God has given free will to everyone, and wants to force no one,

but only proposes, invites and counsels.

from her 3rd Legacy

God, You have invited me to believe. I have accepted Your invitation.
My life has not become more comfortable because of my faith.
I try to model myself on Jesus, Your Son, and I experience my own limits,
but also the wide horizon of his love.
I try to see the world with his eyes, to learn brotherhood and sisterhood, to take responsibility.

God, You do not take away the trouble of everyday life and the burden of decision-making. But when I put my questions before You, when my heart and my mind listen to You, then I understand the direction I should take, then I know: My life has not become more comfortable, but more alive.

My God: Thank You!!!

Sr. Jeannie

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