Monday, August 9, 2010

Happiness is Spending the Day with Friends

Today, I spent most of my day at Zoom Flume Waterpark in East Durham, NY-Catskills Mountain Area.

I went with my friend Christina and her daughter Kyra. They belong to an Irish bungalow colony, Four Green Fields, in Accord, NY. About 40 people went from the colony from 5 year olds up to those in their 60s. It was great spending time together out in nature. The park is surrounded by mountains and it was beautiful to swim in the wave pool and look out.

I was also very touched by how the children in the colony looked out for each other and praised one another when they were brave and tried a new ride. Also how they made sure no one was left alone and grouped together to go on the rides. I was so nice to see.

The park was not too crowded and everyone there was pleasant and appeared to be enjoying themselves. It was nice to see families and friends together.

Angela stressed the importance of values within family life and the importance of the mother's role. Today, all the mothers at the park definitely were teaching their children's values of kindness, enjoyment and simple fun by being together at the park.

I'm so glad I went and I truly am so lucky to have great friends.

Sr. Jeannie, osu

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