Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Caring and Writing

Today I presented with a fellow colleague from the Cooke Center for Learning and Development. We presented to some Bronx Catholic School teachers a workshop dealing with The Writer's Notebook. This is teaching technique/program that encourages children to write. It involves having a notebook for you to write down your ideas, thoughts, observations, favorite lines of poetry, dreams etc..

During the workshop we discussed a writing strategy called "Mapping Your Heart". This involves drawing a heart and then putting it into sections and labeling each section with a topic or interest of yours. What takes space up in your heart? Families, friends, God, pets, chocolate (or other favorite food), and reading (0r another hobby) were found on many people's hearts.

One person at the workshop mentioned how this exercise reminded her of how important caring and feeling is. Not only were we talking about writing, but also we were discussing and thinking about what makes us human. That to me is true education.

If you were going to map your heart, what would you place in there?

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, osu

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