Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Today in the United States, we are celebrating Father's Day.

From what we have learned about Angela, we know her father was the one who read to her from the Bible and the Lives of the Saints each evening. He read to his four children: two sons and two daughters. Hearing those stories most likely had a great influence on her faith. We also know that she and her siblings used to eat the fruit from their neighbor's yard and I'm sure her father had to apologize and "pay" for his children's mischief.

However her father died when she was quite young and Angela went to live with her uncle. He took her into his home and raised her along with his children too. What a kind man!!

There are many fathers out there trying to take care of their children the best they can and provide a good life for them. I'm sure too there are many brothers, uncles, friends, neigbors who are also stepping in and acting as dads to children who need them just like Angela's uncle did.

Angela's father provided her with a belief system and her uncle helped her to live it out.

Thanks to them Angela was able to start the Company of St. Ursula almost 475 years ago!!

So thanks to all the dads and men who take over that role when neeeded. The Ursulines are thankful for Angela's Dad and Uncle!!

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