Friday, June 25, 2010

A Great Woman

Just finished catching up on my blog reading.

Over on the blog A Nun’s Life ( written by an internet friend Julie, an IHM sister, she discusses one of our Ursuline sisters Claire O’Mara and the great cycling trip across the United States her nephew David is taking in honor of her. What an amazing story!!

Read what he says on his website Following Claire. (

Have you ever come to a point in your life when you wanted to do more? More to help out those in need, more to develop yourself and most of all….more to make a difference? Well. that time is now for me.

My name is David O’Mara and I am just your average guy looking to make a change. I have spent years volunteering for one of the best philanthropic organizations in the United States, Real Options for City Kids, otherwise known as R.O.C.K. This is an organization that works tirelessly to help create physical and educational development programs for underprivileged kids in San Francisco. They have changed the lives of many young boys and girls and are about to help change mine. (

I grew up in Modesto, CA and had the privilege of knowing someone who committed her entire life to helping others. My Aunt was an educator, a missionary and most of all a wonderful role model for me and my family. She has spent her entire life working to better the lives of others. It is in her honor that I have the decision to embark on this two month journey. I have left my job and will be riding by bike across America to raise money to support the R.O.C.K. cause. Am I seasoned cyclist you ask? No. Have I done this before? No. Am I little bit nuts? Probably. This is my chance, however to make a change. I realized that I have the capacity to do something that could truly change the lives of others. Yes, it will be a challenge. And yes, it is a big risk – but, if Aunt Claire taught me anything, it is that the joy you get from enriching the life of someone else is worth every sacrifice that comes with it. Wish me luck!! Here’s to you Aunt Claire… David O’Mara

Meet Aunt Claire
Sister Claire O’Mara (pictured in yellow) is Dave’s great aunt. She is an Ursuline nun who, at 88, now lives in a retirement community in Hastings on Hudson, N.Y. For most of her adult life, she was an educator and missionary in Latin America and in the Bronx. She dedicated herself to working with the poor and less fortunate wherever she was. She was always steadfast in her commitment to her beliefs and values. In 1995, New Rochelle College honored her, along with Rosa Parks, as a “Woman of Conscience.”

Aunt Claire visited Dave and his mother every few years. They both found her to be funny and always exciting. She was interested in Dave’s social life, his education and sports. She encouraged him to follow his dreams, do good work and try to have fun. Once, prior to a school dance, she attempted to bring him up to speed on ballroom dancing (it was fun for both, but he still has 2 left feet). She continues to be one of Dave’s biggest supporters.

Sister Claire through her kindness, delight in adventure and willingness to take risks, has been the inspiration for Dave’s decision to undertake this road trip.

Claire is one of the many great women in our community. Today when I’m up at Andrus visiting our sisters, I’m going to stop and ask her about David and hear her thoughts on this wonderful adventure. I can see her smiling with pride and see the glint in her eye showing that sense of adventure and risk-taking that inspired her nephew David.

Please check out his website to find our ways you can support his great cause and effort. (

Best of Luck David and know that the Ursulines are behind you in prayer. Contact us if we can be of any help to you. Your Aunt Claire has followed St. Angela’s spirit of risk-taking and now we see it again in the next generation. Blessings!!!

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, osu

You can follow Dave on the following sites:

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