Friday, January 11, 2019

The Value of Older Things

This morning when I was checking my Facebook page, I came across a post from my cousin in CT.  She had posted about an Antique shop in Delaware.  I couldn't believe my eyes because I had taught the owner of that shop in the third grade in Wilmington!  She had put up pictures of his shop and they brought me back 50 years to our own living room.  My mother was an antique buff and our house was filled with marble top tables, antique furniture, and hurricane lamps which my dad collected. My cousin's mom was also an antique buff and often went off on a search with mom.  What is the point of this?  As I was looking at the pictures, I realized how beautiful and valuable these old pieces can be. So too, are the elderly who are so often forgotten and neglected. Many have no one to call their own but need to be cherished.  Take some time to bask in the beauty of the old and valuable persons and things in your own life.  May you have a blessed weekend. 

Kathleen Mary Donohue, OSU

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