Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Beginning of the New School Year

St. Angela in her First Counsel wrote:

“Therefore, pray God to enlighten you, direct you and teach you what you are to do for love of God in regard to this responsibility; for there can be no nobler one than that of being a teacher of the children of God.  Remember, then, the respect you owe them, because the more you respect them, the more you will love them; and the more you love them, the better you will watch over and care for them; and it will be impossible for you not to have them all engraven in your hearts night and day, each one individually, for this is how true love acts.  Nor should you worry about this responsibility.  Instead you should greatly thank God that you are permitted to be one of those who are allowed to exhaust themselves in guiding and looking after such a precious charge.  Have hope and firm faith in God who will help you in all things.”

As the new school year begins let us recall Angela’s words and know that she is still with us today!

Pat Schifini, OSU

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