Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Peace can only come about when we learn to treat each other as brothers and sisters and recognize our shared vocation as children of God.

“Peace is not merely the absence of war; nor can it be reduced solely to the maintenance of a balance of power between enemies; nor is it brought about by dictatorship. Instead, it is rightly and appropriately called an enterprise of justice.”  Gaudium et Spes, Vatican II

As I reflected this morning I was struck by the recurring notion of peace and as the day unfolded it became more obvious how desperately we all need to embrace peace in our daily living.  The event in Virginia this morning has left a tremendous shock on our nation and further reinforces that violence is never the answer.  As we live this day in God’s love let us remember that we are meant to be bearers of peace and reconciliation and not hate and pain.

Pat Schifini, OSU

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