Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Praying for Peace

This morning when I was coming to school, I was listening to WQXR.  Jeff Spurgeon was introducing a new feature for the month of June-a song before the 7:00 news.  The song this morning-the first song- was Schubert's Ave Maria!  I thought how wonderful this is that Mary's song would introduce the new feature. And because of technology, people all over the world, would hear this tribute to Mary.  How often she takes a "back seat" and we forget the influence she has over our world.  When she appeared, she asked the world to pray for peace.

Today, we are asked by Pope Francis to unite with children in Syria to pray for peace. We cannot imagine what these children have experienced in their lives.  Take a minute today either to stop in chapel to pray for peace in their world or if there is something that is disturbing you, that you are able to solve it in a peaceful way and do not hesitate to call on Mary's help.

KM Donohue, OSU

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