Thursday, April 28, 2016

In the Name of Love

As I was praying this morning the song, “In the Name of Love” kept coming to mind.  The song begins “Do you remember the call? When did you hear your name out loud? Can you remember the vision, the dream, and the courage to love for life?”  The song goes on to encourage one to live in the love of our God.  Our God’s love is real and is a true gift for us.  Imagine for a few moments God’s tender love embracing you and holding you gently.  Take a few moments to pour out your heart to God.  Tell God all your joys and sorrows, the things you are grateful for and those you would love to leave behind.  As the spring flowers continue to blossom allow God’s love to blossom anew in you.  Let the brightness of the flowers illuminate your heart so that you glow with the beauty of that inner garden.  Let your love shine before all so that seeing the good works you do they may also be inspired to do the same.

Pat Schifini, OSU

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