Monday, January 27, 2014

St. Angela Merici's Feast Day

Join us in prayer for the Feast Day of St. Angela Merici,

Opening Prayer:  Loving God, we ask you to be with us today on the feast day of St.Angela Merici,  founderess of the Ursuline Sisters.  She gave us an example of prayerful and  dedicated service to all people.  Help us to do the same service. Let us read, listen and pray with Angela’s words.

Put your whole soul into the enterprise you have undertaken.”

 “Carry on steadfastly and faithfully the work you have undertaken.”
Be gentle and compassionate towards one another.”

“Wherever you are, give good example.”

“Help one another according to each need which may arise.”

“Always have charity burning in your hearts”

“If times and circumstances demand it, make necessary change;
 but  do so with prudence and good advice.”

Closing Prayer:  Gracious God, following the example of Angela Merici, we ask that you enlighten, direct, and teach us what we must do for love of you and for your people..  Help us to have confidence and strong faith that you will assist us in everything.  Bless us as we walk ahead for whatever you call us this day and everyday.     Amen

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