Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Emergency Service Workers-Hurricane Sandy

As I sit here in my apartment in Westchester County, NY and watch the news and see all the devastation that has happened because of Hurricane Sandy, I can't help but marvel at the goodness of all the emergency service workers who are out there helping people. Talk about compassion, service and doing God's work.

To think that there are many people, fire safety personnel, police workers, emergency medical technicians, people who work with power lines, tree cutters and branch clean up people, who actually go out and do work that is needed when the rest of us are advised to stay home in order to be safe just amazes me and reminds me of how lucky we are that all of us have different gifts and talents.

SERVIAM is the motto of Ursuline schools-we teach students to help those in need and I'm so thankful to the men and women living out SERVIAM right now helping all those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Prayers and blessing to all working in aftermath of this storm and to all affected by it.

Sr. Jeannie

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