Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feast of St. Francis

Today, October 4th we celebrate one of my favorite Saints -- Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis was born in Assisi in 1182. After a carefree youth, he renounced his wealth and committed himself to God. He led a life of evangelical poverty and preached the love of God to all. Francis is known to many as a lover of the poor and caretaker of animals. His appeal has lasted over time and many have sought to follow his example.

We received and invitation from the LCWR to sign the St. Francis Pledge to Protect Creation and the Poor. I share with you the information as it was very exciting to watch the students and faculty of my school take the pledge today. If you are so inspired signing the pledge is a wonderful way to honor this great saint.

All across our country, Catholics are taking the St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor and joining the Catholic Climate Covenant. The St. Francis Pledge is a promise and a commitment by Catholic individuals,families, parishes, organizations and institutions to live our faith by protecting God’s Creation and advocating on behalf of people in poverty who face the harshest impacts of global climate change. To join the Covenant,you commit to act on each of the five elements of the St. Francis Pledge and register your Pledge at www.CatholicClimateCovenant.org.

I/We Pledge to:
❑ PRAY and reflect on the duty to care for God’s Creation and protect the poor and vulnerable.
❑ LEARN about and educate others on the causes and moral dimensions of climate change.
❑ ASSESS how we—as individuals and in our families, parishes and other affiliations—contribute to climate
change by our own energy use, consumption, waste, etc.
❑ ACT to change our choices and behaviors to reduce the ways we contribute to climate change.
❑ ADVOCATE for Catholic principles and priorities in climate change discussions and decisions, especially as they impact those who are poor and vulnerable.

May peace reign in our homes, our hearts and our universe!

Sr. Pat

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