Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I know I haven't updated this blog recently. But quite honestly, I am unsure of what to say right now. Through one of my ministries, I have come up close to the issue of homelessness. One of our children, her mother and sister were kicked out of a cousin's house recently and went to live in a shelter. They just found out they were not approved to stay there and had to leave again. I really don't understand the system or honestly know much about it. All that keeps going through my mind is that it stinks and I wish I could do more for this family and the countless others who are affected too.

This Advent season, my community is Journeying with a Companion-this means we each have taken a figurine from the creche scene and are asked to pray with this "person", "animal" or "object". I happened to pick a shepherd who is playing bagpipes. I keep praying with him daily and thinking of this family.

Jesus was in a sense "homeless" when he was born. Joseph had to ask for a place for his family to stay. The innkeeper had no room, but offered him the barn. That's where Jesus was born and then he was laid in a manger. What a poignant scene that I look at every year.

However do I really reflect on it. What is this simple action saying to us today? How are we receiving the homeless people right in front of us?

St Angela says to us "For in these troubled times, you will no other refuge than at the feet of Jesus Christ".

Jesus, I'm turning to you right now asking what to do and how to best help this family. Plus teach me how to live more gratefully with all that I have and not to complain or want more.

Sr. Jeannie Humphries, osu

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