Monday, March 29, 2010

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Sr. Bernadete Mackay shares a view from her corner of creation...

Affectionately they call me Sister Bernie. Mission is my life. I spend most of my time living and working with marginalized communities in the Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic. Life is simple there.. There is no electricity. Water flows about twice a week. Roads! What are these we ask? But yes, it is a blessed place. Spectacular views of mountains, plains, hydro-electric dams, grazing animals, freshly planted beans etc. etc. where between God and I there is only the clouds. What more can I ask for? This place has been home to me for almost twenty years. Your visit would be welcomed! When I am not in ‘paradise’ I live in Orlando, Florida. I am happy to be part of the wonderful family of Ursuline, whose vision and scope allows us all to embrace the world from wherever we are planted.

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